AMA RECAP — Whale Blockchain Enthusiast with Matrix

On 13th April 2021, Martix conducted an AMA in the Whale Blockchain Enthusiast. Our guest is Selami Sahin, Marketing manager of Matrix.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Martix progress. The Martix team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included Project introduction and a live AMA session with the WBE community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Martix.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

🐳 Segment 1: Project introduction

Selami Sahin: yes sure! Im Selami Sahin, i invest in 2018 in matrix ai network at ico. And since then im daily involved in this amazing project. End 2020 i got a part of Matrix, my function is marketing manager, and im doing this job with a big pleasure.

What is Matrix AI?
MATRIX plans to solve a number of issues that plague existing blockchains including:
(1) Slow transaction speeds
(2) Programming barrier of smart contracts
(3) Lack of security in smart contracts
(4) Inflexibilities in managing and updating blockchains
Designed to be a new generation blockchain, MATRIX leverages the latest artificial intelligence technology to resolve the above mentioned challenges. The fusion of blockchain and AI technologies enables MATRIX to build a revolutionary cryptocurrency, which supports significantly boosted transaction speed, superior accessibility to general users, enhanced security under malicious attacks, and highly flexible operations.

Selami Sahin: We wish to build a whole new decentrialized AI platform, on this, everyone’s data, free computing power and AI models will switch into his own asset. And if we realize the data capitalization and decentrialized computing platform, a great progress will happen in AI industry. The future is AI’s world, get your own AI model right now! On Matrix!

Selami Sahin: At this moment, you can join Matrix as a miner or validator to earn MAN via staking. Matrix will build a complete AI ecology, the miner in matrix can generate revenue via selling their free computing power, the AI scientist can generate revenue via letting the users use the AI models created by them. And in the future, users can find more ways to get revenue in the new functions of Matrix, such as the Airt — AI Art NFT platform.

So you dont need any experience for to use the network! All is very easy and simple!

Selami Sahin: What are the objectives of Matrix AI? The challenges facing today’s blockchains have to be resolved before the idea of cryptocurrency can really become a sustainable reality. We believe that artificial intelligence technology, which has enjoyed unprecedented growth in the past decade, provides out-of-box solutions to address these challenges. MATRIX is designed to be an intelligent chain to unleash the potential power of blockchain technology including.

Selami Sahin:

Automatic generation of smart contracts

Although smart contracts give blockchains the essential capability to handle scaled commercial behaviours, they need users to be able to write programs in a given programming language. With MATRIX, no programming expertise is needed for designing smart contracts. The unique code generation technique of MATRIX allows automatic conversion of an abstract description of a smart contract into an executable program. Matrix only requires users to input the basic core elements, then the code generator based on a deep neural network does the rest.

Secured smart contracts

Smart contract programs may call functions offered by the host system and/or third-party libraries. Also, programs running on different computers in a distributed framework do not provide any guarantee for execution time. Such openness and decentralization are the reflection of the essential spirit of blockchains, but give birth to various sources of security threats. In fact, the lack of security is plaguing smart contracts. The MATRIX blockchain is equipped with a powerful AI security engine to help mitigate these risks.

High speed transactions

Currently, most public chains are suffering from long transaction latency and low transaction throughput. For example, it can take over 30 minutes for Bitcoin to finish a single transaction, while the transaction throughput of Ethereum is only marginally faster. MATRIX resolves this problem by using a hybrid POW/POS algorithm which allows for much greater TPS whilst keeping the network secure. Currently, the mainnet is working with 12,000 TPS. Significantly faster than Bitcoin, Ethereum and most other live blockchains, still with plenty of headroom to grow.

Flexible blockchain management

MATRIX is designed to be highly flexible. The flexibility is twofold. First, MATRIX offers access control and routing services so as to allow seamless integration from private chains into a common public chain. Such a feature meets the requirements many industry and government players for authorization, while at the same time allow necessary

As you can see in the roadmap our target is to finish our AI cloud service platform! We plan to have more than 10 AI applications for commercial use on the AI service platform! Also our NFT trading platform AIGO will be ready this year! And machine learning will be available on our platform, this is something unique! Matrix will be the first project that will adopt machine learning on blockchain! We dont have any competitor on this field!

🐳Segment 2: Free Asking / Live Questions

Telegram User: How is Man Coin developing and how will it reach a wider audience,will there be transactions such as man coin burns?

Selami Sahin: For a short period, we will build a NFT platform with artificial intelligence and an AI service platform. In the future, the biggest decentralized AI eco system is our final goal. And we plan to burn some man coins with those system!

Telegram User: Where is the roadmap for this year? Can you share with us your main priority for this year and do you have plan to list on big exchange?

Selami Sahin: The mainnet has already launched in the beginning of 2019, and the max tps has reached 12499, thats a very great record for the public chains which are not using the slicing technology.
And also we have these two functions right now:
1. Integration of AI computation in the mining function,
2. Hierarchical mining mechanism that allows exportation of computation power.

In the future, the main target for Matrix is to building a decentrialized AI service platform and also a NFT platform with artificial intelligence. And also, the automatic machine learning will be a main function on Matrix’s decentrialized computing platform.

Telegram User: Are you a global project or local project? Can anybody anywhere use Your project without any restrictions??

Selami Sahin: Yes we are a global project, you can join us from anywhere in the world!

Telegram User: Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to keep the $MAN token long-term? Do you have a plan to help boost token demand and scarcity?

Selami Sahin: Yes you can buy man coin and start with staking, and earn daily free man coin! How to stake Man coin ?

1. Create a wallet on ( save youre keystore file good, copy it in few usb sticks, dont lose it, we cant restore it !
2. Go and buy man coin on kucoin exchange or exchange
3. Send youre man coins from exchange to wallet adress
4. Go under joint mining and look for a good pool , a pool that is still in mining and less than 10 million!
5. Chose for flexible (min 100 man) or fixed (2000 man minimum) and stake !

Telegram User: Can you tell us some of the goals you would most like to achieve with Matrix? What was the biggest challenge you faced after starting this project?

Selami Sahin: We wish to build a whole new decentrialized AI platform, on this, everyone’s data, free computing power and AI models will switch into his own asset. And if we realize the data capitalization and decentrialized computing platform, a great progress will happen in AI industry. The future is AI’s world, get your own AI model right now! On Matrix!

Selami Sahin: Thank you very much. At last i want to tell youre great community that Matrix is a great long term investment! Marketcap is only 30 million dollar, and it have a potential of x 100 and much more!


Matrix WebWallet

Matrix AI Network Website

You can buy from kucoin or and stake after !

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